Healthy 365 App: UX Case Study

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Timeline: 7 weeks

Project Overview

Healthy 365 is a health and diet tracking mobile application that was developed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore.
These core app features help to track daily diet and steps tracking and providing incentives for making healthier choices, List nearby events, eateries, exercise facilities and routes.

My Role

This project was undertaken as part of my case study. My job role of this project is to find what are the problem that user faced and to redesign the mobile application for better user experience. I will be doing user research, user insights, user journey and prototype.

Goal and Objective

The goal of this app is to lead a lasting healthy habit for users. With this case study, I would like to Improve service blueprint to complement the app experience, increase app usability and retain users long-term


User Behaviour

Before improve the prototype I did some shadowing for the existing users, so this is the findings that I get.

  • Users open the app for one use
    They don’t normally switch between functions
    Each app pick-up has a specific goal/use
  • Majority of users use this app to get rewards/discounts Most in-app actions are done to this end: syncing steps, scanning QR codes, participating in challenges.
  • Most users do not use the other features e.g., Diet journal, events.
    Not aware, not interested, or have other apps that better serve their needs, the number of information in menu too many no time to explore.

From the findings I come out with some cons and pros about the app.


  • Complicated navigation
    Unconventional design elements e.g., scrollable navigation bar at the bottom No single area to see all app functions
  • No priority given to frequent actions
    e.g., no direct link to Diet Journal page (accessible only from scrolling on homepage)
  • Latency
    Slow loading times All app functionality disabled when loading Some screens lack a loading/progress indicators


  • My Healthy Points
    Eat Drink Shop Healthy Challenge digital passport with more rewards that can be earned along with Health points when you make healthier purchases
  • Nearby
    Nearby listing and map views on HPB events, healthier eateries, exercise facilities and routes in your vicinity
  • Challenges
    With different Health Challenges that enable you to step up to get healthy, earn Health points and redeem rewards

Competitor Analysis

For better understanding and make an improvement for the existing app I also did a simple competitor analysis between My FitnessPal and Healthy365 so this is the result that I get.

Direct competitors were identified by shared objectives and similar target users.


Based on the research findings, I set up this personas. I referred to the persona throughout the entire design process

  • Through user research I created persona.
  • For this persona, I focused on the scenarios, needs and frustrations. These information are crucial to understand what is valuable to the users and what affects churn rate

Through the persona, I also learnt that

  • Usability issues heavily affected the users’ motivation to remain engaged with the app

Defining the problem

Problem Statement

Based on the personal I come out with this How Might We? So I can focus on the problem statement to improve the app. The HMW questions as below

HMW improve the layout and function
HMW simplify the step of diet journal for the user to use it seamlessly

Solutions Statement

Based on the problem statement I also come out with solutions statement to guide me better with the direction to do a further improvement for the app.


  • Reduce the steps of the task or simplify the data

Reduce the Number of Navigation Bar

  • The number of information in menu needs to be reduced. Need to focus the things that really matter in an app


  • Focus on user needs and goals. Be more personalised

User Needs vs Business Goal

During the discovery process. I get the final conclusion for the User Needs and Business Goal as below:

User Needs vs Business Goal

User goals

According to my personal research findings. From the user’s point of view, when the user’s accesses the application. This are the 3 areas user’s like to see the improvement.

User goals

Improve Core Functionality

The original User flow

Current Prototype

There are a total of 10 menus in the current application with different functionality and highlights. Sample are shown below. Which I think is too complicated for the user’s.

Original User Flow
The existing app 10 menus and functionality

Based on the original user flow, I also do a graph for priority requirements of the application so when I redesign the app this can be consider based on the prioritize needs

Proposed User Flow

Reducing from 10 menu buttons to 5 menu buttons

This can help to reduce the unnecessary confusion for the user’s. Instead of scrolling menu navigations put it 5 menu buttons for permanent can help them see the whole navigation menu clearly.

Proposed User Flow

This is the task flow when user’s access the application


User Journey Map for Navigations

Before and after improvement

Main Menu
Diet Journal


Based on the before and after improvement for the application I come out with the checklist for the validations this is the result I get from the potential user’s


Mobile Application Link:


This case study has been exciting and challenging at the same time. Although I had a very short timeline for this project, I learned not to validate through assumptions but to research and observe user behaviour on the product. Given an opportunity for further development, I would like to design a more diversified function to deal with different users needs. Help and encourage users to make better use of the application to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for reading

Have a nice day!​​​​​​​